Behind the Scenes: Florida Focus

I had an opportunity to help produce a television show on Wednesday Apr. 12, 2017 through the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications.

I was given an assignment from my RTV3301 Broadcast News class to critique the Florida Focus program which broadcasts on the wusf public media network.

When I arrived at the Florida Focus studios I met two other students from a different class who came to see the studios and see how a broadcast and production is put together. One student took over the teleprompter and the other ran the soundboard for the first show. 

I was originally going to capture video footage and take pictures of what I thought could be interesting content for social media or Storify.

My plans got cut short due to Florida Focus needing assistance producing the show, because four people were absent. I was excited to help. 

I was stationed behind the soundboard and was responsible for the audio for the entire two minute Florida Focus segment.

I had a great time at Florida Focus, I felt that I had received great mentorship from the teacher assistants in the studios. 

Take a glance at the behind-the-scenes footage of producing Florida Focus:

The Florida Focus segment that I helped produce is available below:


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