Feeling Creative?

Have you driven around St. Petersburg Fla. recently?

If so you may have noticed many new colorful and creative murals popping up around town.

Art is coming alive and it’s invading public spaces in the Tampa Bay region.
No longer is Tampa Bay restricted to viewing art in galleries and behind closed doors in private venues and spaces.

Artissin is one of the first major suppliers of professional grade spray paint delivered to people all around the world and is available for bay area locals as well.

Artissin supplies local artists with the tools they need to create the dreams they envisioned.

Next time you’re in St. Petersburg, visit Artissin at 328 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. N.  Buy a few cans of high pressure and low pressure spray paint and purchase a few different caps such as fat caps or skinny caps.

Let your fingers paint.


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