Seeking an Adventure?

Have you ever thought to yourself what can I do today?   You may be seeking a sporadic moment to hit the town and try something new. If that is the case, then I highly suggest taking a mini road trip to Orlando, Fla.

Orlando has so much to offer from: resorts, attractions, bars, and diners there is plenty of options available. One option that I highly suggest is visiting Universal’s City Walk. 

City walk is owned by Universal and the property sits in between two worldwide recognized theme parks known as Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Tourists flock to Universal’s City Walk from around the world. It’s great to see such a diverse crowd enjoying the architecture, street performance, all around.

I decided to take a trip to Universal’s City Walk for photography opportunities, try out a few drinks at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and to dine in a restaurant for dinner.

I’m an avid fan of mango, so when I looked at the Margaritaville drink menu and saw “MANGO MARGARITA” as an option I was instantly ready to order. I also tried the “WATERMELON MARGARITA.”

The drinks were a tad bit expensive but it was delicious.

Scroll down below to view my photography from my mini adventure.

DSC_4590Onboard the Travelator Entering City Walk 
(The right portion of photo is Invaders from Planet Putt)

DSC_4653.JPGUniversal “Globe” (in front of water)

DSC_4753Unviersal Studios “Globe” 

DSC_4777.JPGClose Up of the Universal “Globe”
(The Globe is constantly spinning in circles so a photo has to be timed perfect.)

universal.jpgEntering City Walk

Margaritaville.jpgJimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville (front exterior) 

DSC_4724.JPGMargaritaville Behind the Water.

DSC_4667Interior decor of Margaritaville

DSC_4673.JPGWatermelon Margarita

DSC_4685.JPGMango Margarita

DSC_4705.JPGIslands of Adventure Tower

DSC_4715.JPGToothsome Chocolate Emporium

DSC_4709.JPGToothsome Chocolate Emporium, left. Hard Rock Cafe, right. 


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