Behind the Scenes: Florida Focus

(I created the video to show how Florida Focus operates and to show others what exactly occurs in a newsroom. There are moments when the focusing from the camera isn’t the greatest but I opted to keep the video as is because it was a great learning experience for me and I wanted to show entire segments.)

I had an opportunity to help produce a television show on Wednesday Apr. 12, 2017 through the Zimmerman School of Advertising and Mass Communications.

I was given an assignment from my RTV3301 Broadcast News class to critique the Florida Focus program which broadcasts on the wusf public media network.

When I arrived at the Florida Focus studios I met two other students from a different class who came to see the studios and see how a broadcast and production is put together. One student took over the teleprompter and the other ran the soundboard for the first show.

I was originally going to capture video footage and take pictures of what I thought could be interesting content for social media or Storify.

My plans got cut short due to Florida Focus needing assistance producing the show, because four people were absent. I was excited to help.

I was stationed behind the soundboard and was responsible for the audio for the entire two minute Florida Focus segment.

I had a great time at Florida Focus, I felt that I had received great mentorship from the teacher assistants in the studios.

Take a glance at the behind-the-scenes footage of producing Florida Focus:
I was added into the credits of the April. 12, 2017 broadcast of Florida Focus

(Click link below to see my name in the credits under: audio)


Strangecat Toys

There’s a colorful artistic bus that drives around and sells vinyl collectible toys at local events in the Tampa Bay region.

I had the opportunity to meet with the owner of Strange Cat Toys and take a tour of his mobile business.

People can climb in and out of the bus from the front end or back end.

The viewing and selection area is limited in space.

I felt that I encountered a stronger personal connection observing the details of the vinyl toys due to the lack of space.

Strange Cat Toys sells a large variety of Kidrobot, pins, plush items, and offers a pre-order option for anyone interested in reserving collectible products.

Many of the toys are produced in limited quantities and are designed by well-known modern abstract artists.


Feeling Creative?

Have you driven around St. Petersburg Fla. recently?

If so you may have noticed many new colorful and creative murals popping up around town.

Art is coming alive and it’s invading public spaces in the Tampa Bay region.
No longer is Tampa Bay restricted to viewing art in galleries and behind closed doors in private venues and spaces.

Artissin is one of the first major suppliers of professional grade spray paint delivered to people all around the world and is available for bay area locals as well.

Artissin supplies local artists with the tools they need to create the dreams they envisioned.

Next time you’re in St. Petersburg, visit Artissin at 328 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. N.  Buy a few cans of high pressure and low pressure spray paint and purchase a few different caps such as fat caps or skinny caps.

Let your fingers paint.

Seeking an Adventure?

Have you ever thought to yourself what can I do today?   You may be seeking a sporadic moment to hit the town and try something new. If that is the case, then I highly suggest taking a mini road trip to Orlando, Fla.

Orlando has so much to offer from: resorts, attractions, bars, and diners there is plenty of options available. One option that I highly suggest is visiting Universal’s City Walk. 

City walk is owned by Universal and the property sits in between two worldwide recognized theme parks known as Universal Studios and Universal’s Islands of Adventure.

Tourists flock to Universal’s City Walk from around the world. It’s great to see such a diverse crowd enjoying the architecture, street performance, all around.

I decided to take a trip to Universal’s City Walk for photography opportunities, try out a few drinks at Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville and to dine in a restaurant for dinner.

I’m an avid fan of mango, so when I looked at the Margaritaville drink menu and saw “MANGO MARGARITA” as an option I was instantly ready to order. I also tried the “WATERMELON MARGARITA.”

The drinks were a tad bit expensive but it was delicious.

Scroll down below to view my photography from my mini adventure.

DSC_4590Onboard the Travelator Entering City Walk 
(The right portion of photo is Invaders from Planet Putt)

DSC_4653.JPGUniversal “Globe” (in front of water)

DSC_4753Unviersal Studios “Globe” 

DSC_4777.JPGClose Up of the Universal “Globe”
(The Globe is constantly spinning in circles so a photo has to be timed perfect.)

universal.jpgEntering City Walk

Margaritaville.jpgJimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville (front exterior) 

DSC_4724.JPGMargaritaville Behind the Water.

DSC_4667Interior decor of Margaritaville

DSC_4673.JPGWatermelon Margarita

DSC_4685.JPGMango Margarita

DSC_4705.JPGIslands of Adventure Tower

DSC_4715.JPGToothsome Chocolate Emporium

DSC_4709.JPGToothsome Chocolate Emporium, left. Hard Rock Cafe, right.