USF Women’s Tennis thrashes UAB

The University of South Florida Women’s Tennis team defeated the University of Alabama at Birmingham Mar. 18, 2017 in Tampa, Fla.

The weather was beautiful and the USF Bulls fans were in for a show.

The Bulls dominated the courts with quick reflexes and incredible agility throughout the matchup.

The 2016-2017 USF Bulls Women’s Tennis team has an active roster of 11 student athletes.

The team is comprised of athletes with hometown’s from various regions around the world.

The USF Women’s Tennis players are listed below:


  • Vera Bessonova from Moscow, Russia.
  • Hailey Grillo from Bradenton, Fla
  • Olga Martinez from Barcelona, Spain


  • Juliana Cardoso from Descalvado, Brazil
  • Jessica Cortes Chaves from Monterrey, Mexico


  • Nicole Dzenga from Harare Zimbabwe
  • Vanja Klaric from Serbia
  • Ana Roman Dominguez from Spain


  • Samantha Fine from Coral Springs, Fla.
  • Brooke Lashway from Bradenton, Fla.
  • Zena Rigaud from Curacao




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