Unexpectedly Walking Into a Building to Find Some of the Best Street Artists Under One Roof.



(Images above are from the opening reception for Rime featuring the MSK crew. The image is a sticker.)

I’ll never forget the day that I went with my cousin Jose Torres, to do some urban exploration in Los Angeles, Calif. I attended Rime‘s opening reception on accident. I didn’t even know there was an event going on.

As I entered into Galeria Con Safos, which goes by a shortened name known as GCS Pomona located at 168 West Third Street. Pomona, Calif. 91766. People were drawing in their black book’s there was lots of alcohol flowing around. It felt like a huge house party but with prolific artists all around me. The date was Feb. 14, 2009.

(All images for this blog are mine.)

I didn’t believe my eyes when I saw the majority of the MSK crew to include Saber, Augor, Rime, Ewok, Zane and probably more that I didn’t recognize at the time. I suddenly immersed into my surroundings and my adrenaline was pumping through my veins because I was in a building with some of LA’s most notorious street artists. I was able to talk to each artist individually on a one-on-one basis. I purchased a shirt from Rime which he signed with a sharpie marker and i purchased a silk screen print from him as well that is numbered 48/100.

2015-11-11-17-43-12 2015-11-11-17-44-02


(Above Revok)


(Above Saber)


(Above Rime)


(Above Augor)


(Above Ewok)


(Above Zane)

The inside of GCS Pomona mostly had art work by Rime because he was the headliner of the event.






DSCF0067 DSCF0066


(Above: Saber, me and Revok)


(Above Rime told me to hold my hands like the character he painted.)

I feel that living on the West Coast exploring galleries, seeking urban art, observing arts in general to include architecture and sculptures was something that made me feel alive and free. I felt in a way that I was growing, meeting new people, socializing with like minded individuals. Anybody who experiences the West Coast and comes back to the East Coast or vice versa I’m sure they will experience a culture shock. There is a huge difference overall between the weather, the people’s attitudes, the demographics, the arts, the food, the nightlife, the lifestyle and so on. I’m happy to say I have had a taste of both world’s. I’m interested in experiencing more that the world has to offer and wish to travel to seek unique arts.

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Freestyle Designs

I used to be accustomed to skin fades with the barber using two inch shear guards attached to the clippers to give me a short length on top. After the basis of my haircuts I preferred the barber to use the Wahl professional 5 star bump free shaver / shaper or a Phillips Norelco electric shaver to give me a true skin fade. I used to get conservative haircuts but sometimes I think to myself why not try something different and unique. I have been to a few barbers in the past but I become loyal to the ones that are knowledgeable on how to cut hair. Finding a good barber is a trial and error experience, usually for most people unless you have been referred by someone you trust.

I go to a barber shop known as Barbers By Design located at 7542 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. Tampa, FL. 33614.

I reside in New Port Richey, FL. and I drive an about an hour away to Tampa to get my haircut because I do not trust barbers in my town. I do not feel like going through another trial and error experience because sometimes the barbers don’t understand how to cut hair to my standards.  My barber is Luis Oliveras he’s a barber at night and a main barber instructor at Shear Excellence Hair Academy during the day he teaches students interested in getting a certified barber’s license.  Oliveras asked me if he can use my head to practice designs so he could improve on his skills and build his portfolio. I agreed and he started to do some wild freestyle designs that I thought looked real good.

(All photo’s below were taken by Luis Oliveras he has granted permission to use the pictures.)


(above: My first freestyle design by Oliveras, at Barbers By Design, He comes up with ideas in his mind and executes.)Screenshots_2015-11-04-16-38-57

(above: Same hair cut as the first design by Oliveras, showing different angles of my head.)


(above: A unique idea that was thought out within minutes by Oliveras.)


(above: Oliveras started using the internet to gain ideas and to try to mimic other designs he discovered online and tried to change things up a little bit.)


(Above: Oliveras, uses different shear guards to fade the design.)


(Above: Oliveras, saw a concept of another barber online using a mirror to take a picture showing both sides of the haircut in one picture.)

Why not step outside of the boundaries and do something different.  After Oliveras performed designs on my head he has gained a steady customer base of people coming in for designs to include kids, teens, adults, men and women.

Oliveras has an Instagram account that showcases a large portion of his work, his page is unfortunately private but he can be followed by going to the following hyperlink: https://instagram.com/bambamthebarber/