Urban Art Attack!

Urban arts have been sprawling across many regions in the bay area lately.  Some people view a splash of color on a wall and take it in as destruction, while others view it as expressive art.  Beauty is said to be in the eye of the beholder.  Local artists have decided to organize events throughout the Tampa Bay region they have created a unique show in Ybor City, Florida at a local venue called MF ARTS Ybor. The event took place on May 30, 2015 and was titled “ALL YOU SEE IS.”


The turnouts of these pop up events have been really successful luring in hundreds of people showing interest in a local art explosion.

Local vandal / worldwide graffiti artist known as Bask is currently being commissioned $100,000 by the City of Tampa to create murals at the William F. Poe Parking Garage on Ashley Drive. Bask has a parking garage as a playground to experiment with and create something visually stunning for the residents of Tampa.

Bask has traveled the world and has helped organize events such as the Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival.

Advertisement for Shine Mural Festival
Advertisement for Shine Mural Festival featured in Juxtapoz Magazine.

Bask and Pale Horse

(Above: Bask left. Pale Horse right,St. Petersburg, Florida.)

There is a movement taking place in the city of Tampa and people are finally accepting the arts into the community.  It’s exciting and its great to see people finally come together.

If anyone is interested to view murals from well known artists around the globe. I highly recommend that you visit St. Petersburg, Florida and follow the Shine St. Petersburg Mural Festival map to see some really creative pieces of work.

Greg Mike Shine Festival
Greg Mike. Shine Festival, St. Petersburg, Florida
Shark Toof Shine Fest
Shark Toof. Shine Festival, St. Petersburg, Florida.


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